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10/21/2021 10:09 AM EST

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Unit Size: 5x5Climate Controlled
Location: Chestertown, MD
Cleanout Time: 48 Hrs
Sales Tax: 0 %
Auction ID: 50165188887
Tags: bags, clothes

Unit Contents

This unit appears to contain…This unit contains bags, clothing and hamper


48 Hour Cleanout, No Dumpster Privileges, $300 cash cleaning deposit required 1. This agreement pertains to this and all future sales this Bidder attends. 2. Bidders must be at least 18 years old and have a valid photo I.D. 3. This sale is being conducted pursuant to law of the State where the facility is located. 4. Seller does not accept any liability on the goods purchased at the time of the sale. Goods purchased are in an AS-IS condition. No guarantees or warranties of any type or kind are expressed or implied with the purchase of an items. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! 5. All auctions are WITH RESERVE and therefore all units may be withdrawn from sale at any time by the Auctioneer. 6. Seller reserves the right to cancel any sale if the bids are, in the discretion of Seller, unreasonable. Seller reserves the right to deem any bid unacceptable. 7. A sale is not deemed completed until all money due is paid by the high bidder at the auction and received by Seller and all property is removed from the facility by the high bidder or a lease is executed for the rental of the unit. A Bidders remedy for a cancelled sale is limited to the return of the money paid for the unit at auction. 8. The existing tenant has the right to cure the lien until the winning bidder pays cash for the unit at the facility and goods removed from the facility property, unless otherwise stated in the state lien law. 9. Bidder agrees that viewing a unit constitutes attending the sale. 10. Each bid placed is a binding agreement to purchase the entire contents of this unit. 11. The Bidder must provide a security deposit as listed in the auction details and must remove all goods within a forty-eight (48) hour period or the goods will become the property of Seller, unless, the Bidder signs a lease agreement for said unit, and pays applicable rental fees. 12. Failure to remove all goods or sign a lease will result in Bidder forfeiting the security deposit and incurring a disposal fee. If all of the items are removed and the unit is left clean, the deposit will be refunded at the time of the move out. 13. Bidder is responsible for securing the unit holding such property until the items are removed from the facility. 14. There is no onsite disposal (dumpster is for management use only), all contents of the unit must be removed by the winner and the unit swept clean. 15. The amount of the winning bid must be paid in CASH at the facility, along with any tax or deposit due. Seller shall furnish the Bidder with a cash receipt upon payment of the unit contents. Unless a valid reseller certificate is provided, tax must also be paid on the amount of the bid. 16. Bidders shall not resell any goods on the facility premises to other bidders without the approval of the facility manager. 17. The Bidder acknowledges that in certain circumstances Seller may contact the Bidder and request that certain items be purchased back in order to prevent any court action with said tenant, the Bidder also agrees to sell to Seller such items for (a) the cost at which Bidder purchased such items plus (b) any reasonable actual costs incurred by Bidder in connection with such items. 18. Bidders acknowledge that bid rigging and/or collusion is a felony and all suspected instances will be reported to law enforcement. 19. All bidders agree to hold harmless and indemnify Seller, auctioneer, and auction company any and all claims. 20. Photography and video recordings are not permitted on Sellers property without the written consent of Seller. 21. Seller reserves the right to refuse participation to any Bidder at future auctions due to failure to follow these rules or any other unacceptable behavior at the auction. *The camera zoom feature may be used when taking photos of units and items in units up for auction. A Storage Depot does not enter the customer unit during the auction inventory process.

Notice to Bidders

Lien laws must always be followed. The Storage Facility (A STORAGE DEPOT - CHESTERTOWN) reserves all rights to cancel or postpone auctions at any point.

All bids on the site are in $10 increments.

There is a $10 minimum or 15% auction fee (whichever is greater) for every unit won in addition to the unit sale price.

Upon winning an auction you will be automatically charged the auction fee along with 10% of the unit sale price.

Once the initial payment is collected you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance to be paid directly to the facility. You must have an invoice in order to access the unit.

Buyers must follow the facility’s auction terms. Auction terms are not created by does not allow last second bids to win. Bidding in the last two minutes will reset the time clock to 2 minutes, then an additional bid(s) will reset the 2-minute timer.

All sales are final and considered “as is.” Bids are considered a contractual agreement that must be fulfilled.

Units must be completely cleaned out and all trash must be removed from premises. No dumpsters privileges unless location specified.

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