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09/24/2021 09:30 AM PST

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Ended   1,250
Last Bid:   1,250
Total Bids: 37
Total Views: 647
Unit Size: 10x25Not Climate Controlled
Location: AZ
Cleanout Time: 72 Hrs
Sales Tax: 8.6 %
Auction ID: 47699180175
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Unit Contents

This unit appears to contain…1994 Chevrolet GMT400 Pickup 2dr. will provide declaration of sale and keys are on dash

Arizona Storage Inns-67th ave Auction Terms

MONEY ORDER ONLY SALE - 72 Hour Clean Out, $100 Cash Cleaning Deposit, No Dumpster Use, Immediately call facility to schedule arrival, no after business hours access

Notice to Bidders

Lien laws must always be followed. The Storage Facility (Arizona Storage Inns-67th ave) reserves all rights to cancel or postpone auctions at any point.

All bids on the site are in $10 increments.

There is a $10 minimum or 15% auction fee (whichever is greater) for every unit won in addition to the unit sale price.

Upon winning an auction you will be automatically charged the auction fee along with 10% of the unit sale price.

Once the initial payment is collected you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance to be paid directly to the facility. You must have an invoice in order to access the unit.

Buyers must follow the facility’s auction terms. Auction terms are not created by does not allow last second bids to win. Bidding in the last two minutes will reset the time clock to 2 minutes, then an additional bid(s) will reset the 2-minute timer.

All sales are final and considered “as is.” Bids are considered a contractual agreement that must be fulfilled.

Units must be completely cleaned out and all trash must be removed from premises. No dumpsters privileges unless location specified.

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